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The DEFIAL NORMIVAL company expertise is conveyed by a large product range that covers simple preparations of meat and offal, to production of pre-cooked meats and more traditional products of sausages, charcuterie, salt-cured and stuffed vegetables.
Each product development is subject to market research after exchanging views with our associated clients. All through the year, new products complete our offer depending on the season. Tradition and innovation blend together to fulfill all market trends.
Since 1976, the company has gained the confidence of its clients to become one of the leaders of produced products. DEFIAL NORMIVAL, while maintaining the wonderful flavors of our culinary traditions, has developed processes that meet the demands of restaurants.
Revenue 2014
56 M€
Volume in 2014
13 670 Tons
260 employees
(300 in high season)

1976 Purchase of the DESMARAIS DUVAL Company Slaughterhouse and Pork Cuts: 10 000 Tons and incorporation of SICADAL 1976 1988 SICADAL besomes NORMIVAL 1988 1991 Construction of an industrial building in the industrial zone of Luneray at Parc d’Activités de la Plaine 1991 1992 Activity commencement of the new pork cuts and salting factory NORMIVAL in Luneray Transfer of the activity "Salting" of Groupe ALLIANCE from Flixecourt to Luneray Closure of the slaughterhouse "Pork" of Luneray 1992 1994 Cessation of the pork cut activity and "Cheville" Company repositioning towards "Charcuterie – Salting" activity Development of "Produced Meat" activity 1994 1994 à 2008 Development by internal growth of CATERING, produced fresh and frozen products and sausage products in SUPERMARKETS Purchase in 2004 of the business assets of the charcuterie branch "Emile VANEL" : 1 000 Tons 2008 2009 SAS NORMIVAL becomes SAS DEFIAL/NORMIVAL 2009